Stony Plain Adds to Their Mural Collection

The mural is located just outside the Meridian Foundation

The two-sided panel outside the Meridian Foundation has been completed.

Another piece of history has been added to the Town of Stony Plain.

The Meridian Foundation along with the town unveiled the second addition to a double sided art piece which is meant to share stories of the past. Local artist James MacKay teamed up with the foundation and children from John Paul II Catholic School. MacKay says the stories he heard from the residents about Stony Plain were perfect to exemplify the towns history. 

When they were going through the design process, individuals were invited to come out and put brush to canvas so everyone could have a contribution to the artwork. 

Speaking to the mural, which has since been titled "Back Home" MacKay says, "with the Sunday picnic and the four panels, I just thought the content in that, it was all very homey, so I thought Back Home worked".

Executive Director of the Meridian Foundation, Lori-Anne St. Arnault also adds how the painting could bring back memories for the residents of the town. She notes, "seeing the mural, even myself I just remember those stories from my grandparents or my parents saying it so it brings a visual more, so I think anyone can relate to it".

The mural marks the second of eight total the Meridian Foundation and the Town of Stony Plain have planned as they are set to unveil two each year for the next three years. According to St. Arnault, the murals are set to represent the past, present, and future of Stony Plain.



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