Spruce Grove updates rules on minimum lot widths

The change comes to single detached homes with back laneways.

The City of Spruce Grove is making a change when it comes to the minimum lot width for single detached homes with back laneways.

Last night, council approved the change that takes minimum width down to 8.5 metres, from the previous 9.

Administration says that by saving that half metre, one extra lot can be fit into a row of 17 of the smaller homes.

Council passed the change by a 4-3 vote.

Councillor Michelle Gruhlke voted against the idea, and says there's just a lot they don't know yet.

“We don’t know what 20 foot wide houses would look like all in consecutive, linear rows… I had hoped it would be a pilot project, but it still passed 4-3 so I’ll respect that going forward,” she said.

She explains what a pilot project could have looked like.

“[The city could] assign either a developer or a section of land to go forth with this project at the reduced lot width. [Then] we can monitor the drainage, see if there’s any parking concerns, and make sure our street widths are accommodating all the extra densities. Just [try to] make sure we’re building smart and thoughtfully,” she said.

Members of the local Urban Development Institute told council that shaving down that half metre would save potential property owners 6000 dollars.

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