Spruce Grove/Stony Plain Chambers of Commerce unify

Members vote unanimously at Wednesday meeting

The Spruce Grove and Stony Plain District Chambers of Commerce are officially unified.
After a unanimous vote from members at a joint meeting on Wednesday, the result was made official this (Thu) morning after a full day of online voting.
In a statement, Stony Plain's President Kevin White called it an exciting and positive outcome, and says the chambers will move into the planning stages of the merger.
Spruce Grove Chair Dave Grobman says this is the culmination of years worth of work.

"Interacting with the constituency, interacting with small business on a regular basis, and consistent levels of collaboration between the two chambers has really made this a no-brainer," he said.

"We're quite happy that the light at the end of the tunnel is visible to us, and we certainly look forward to becoming a powerhouse from an advocacy perspective."

By merging, the new chamber will be the third-largest in the province, behind Edmonton and Calgary.

Going forward, the Spruce Chamber will be folded into the Stony Chamber, which will then be rebranded as a regional one.

Though official duties haven't been fully decided on, everyone currently employed under each Chamber will still have a job following the merger.

Another thing to figure out is what the regional Chamber will be called - with that potentially going to a vote in the future as well.

The unified Chamber will represent businesses in Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Parkland County, and Wabamun.

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