Spruce Grove RCMP detain two suspects after a bizarre sequence of events

Spruce Grove RCMP detained a male and female suspect trying to use stolen credit cards

Spruce Grove RCMP responded to a complaint on June 25 about male and female trying to use stolen credit cards at the local Reddi-mart.

In the early afternoon of June 25 Spruce Grove RCMP responded to complaints of a male and female who were trying to use stolen credit cards at the local Reddi Mart in Spruce Grove.  While trying to detain the suspects, the RCMP had some trouble, as the male pushed the female suspect towards the police in an attempt to escape. 

Both resisted arrest and as the RCMP detained the male suspect and put him into custody, the female suspect, tried to escape by climbing on the roof via a ladder.  As she was on the roof it gave way and she feel through the ceiling landing on some shelves in the store. The male suspect was identified as 28 year old Richard Pariseau from Edmonton and was charged with a long list of counts, 11 in all, including Possession of stolen property under $5000, using a stolen credit card, and assaulting a police officer.

The female suspect was identified as 29 year old Brittany Burke from Edmonton as well, and she was charged with 3 counts including, Obstruction of justice, failure to comply, and mischief under $5000. 


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