Spruce Grove passes smoking bylaw

Like cigarettes, cannabis unwelcome in public places

Spruce Grove council gave final approval to its smoking bylaw last night.

The bylaw regulates all kinds of smoking, from tobacco through to cannabis, once it's legalized a week from now.

In Spruce Grove, smoking is banned in any public place, along with playgrounds, athletic fields and facilities, public vehicles, or workplaces.

One of the changes council made was to ban smoking within ten metres of all those places, which is an increase from the previous ban of five metres away.

Council also removed a line of the bylaw that banned smoking at any city initiated event.

The idea there isn't to have a free for all - it's to open up the possibility of having a designated smoking area at such an event.

The bylaw means that Spruce Grove joins most of its surrounding municipalities in limiting marijuana smoking to private homes and property.

Peace officers can issue a fine of 250 dollars the first time you break the rules -  that increases to 500 dollars for every time after that. 

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