Spruce Grove names park after Steffler family

Family settled on land at turn of 20th century

A new park in Spruce Grove will honour some of the city's early settlers.

Spruce Grove's Director of Planning Susan Armstrong says 'Steffler Grove' will commemorate the Steffler family.

"The Steffler name has a long history within the community that dates back to just prior to the early 1900s. The first Steffler family settled in the area prior to 1901, with other members following over the next few years. The families farmed and homesteaded on different quarter sections of land that are now within Spruce Grove, between Highway 16 and 16A," she said.

The park is situated north of Fairway Park and east of the Fairway Point subdivision, on lands that were originally part of the Charlie and Katharine Steffler homestead.

Along with farming, Charlie Steffler was an accomplished carpenter and built homes, barns, granaries, machine sheds and garages in the surrounding area.

Armstrong says the park will include a dedication.

"The Issue is passed along to the city manager's office, who then will prepare a dedication, if the family chooses. And there will be a plaque erected at the site as well," she said.

Mayor Stuart Houston spoke to about a dozen members of the Steffler family in attendance, and said the nearby area is a special place for him.

"That is my wife's and my number one walking trail. A lot of people in the area call it the 'mayor's walk,' because that's where Debra and I always walked our dogs and stuff. And it was one of the most beautiful parks over there," he said.

"That tree stand just adjacent to the fairway, it's been there for - how many years - that your family was there. We will be going by, my wife and I, and waving to your park and recognizing that for many years."

The family had initially applied to the city, to have a a street or park named after their descendants.

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