Spruce Grove Gas Station Takes Aim at Carbon Tax

Courtesy: Facebook

Tempo Gas has recently gained notoriety for posting messages aimed at the NDP government on their sign.

A gas station just off Highway 16A has gained provincial attention, but not for outstanding service.

Tempo Gas located in Spruce Grove has recently gained a lot of attention through social media for posting various messages showing a distaste towards the recent carbon tax hike.

The carbon tax was recently raised from $20 per tonne of carbon dioxide emissions to $30 per tonne, and this equates to an extra two and a half cents per litre of gasoline.

The messages, which began on Tuesday took aim directly at the NDP government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The most recent message said "The Carbon Tax Affects Us All". 

Since gaining a lot of attention on social media, the messages have since been taken down. Federated Co-op Ltd., the company that owns the Tempo brand has issued a statement saying the owner acted independently and the company does not condone this type of behaviour. The owner has yet to speak out on the matter but has complied with the company's request.


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