Spruce Grove Firefighters Campout for A Good Cause

The local firefighters just concluded their eighth annual Rooftop Campout for MD Canada.

The eighth annual Rooftop Campout to raise awareness for muscular dystrophy concluded today marking another successful year.

Beginning on Monday, firefighters and volunteers began camping out on the roof of the fire hall braving temperatures that dipped as low as minus 30 degrees. Local firefighter and Chairperson of the Firefighters Charitable Foundation in Spruce Grove Jordan Hoffman, spoke about this years campout saying, "it was our second coldest year, so it was a little bit frosty, but we had a heater and good company so I can't complain.

Hoffman also explained how the campout came into existence. "In 2006, Edmonton actually started the Rooftop Campout and since it was local we wanted to start if up eight years ago and taken off from there, so we've raised $200,000 dollars and we're adding to that today." Hoffman explains.

He also notes the tremendous support from the city and the community makes it incredibly easy to have this event every year as he states, "We're very fortunate to live in the City of Spruce Grove and we've almost made a per capita money value every single year, so that shows how much the city backs us with their support, and it's very nice to have".

The money raised during the campout will be donated to Muscular Dystrophy Canada and will be used to improve the quality of life of those affected through the purchase of mobility equipment and research towards a cure.

In total this year, $17,912 was raised and will go towards MD Canada.



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