Spruce Grove council puts a wrap on 2018

Line of credit, cemetery on latest agenda

Monday's meeting in Spruce Grove put a wrap on city council for 2018.

Council gave its approval on Monday to extend the city's operating line of credit for another three years.

The line of credit allows for temporary borrowing of up to $5 million dollars, though it would only be used if there's any emergency or other immediate unplanned expenses .

The meeting also saw the approval of changes to the operations and maintenance policy for Pioneer Cemetery.

The changes were mostly minor, as they removed outdated references to cemetary caretakers, and outlined responsibilities for the new columbarium, which is what holds cremated remains that have been stored in urns.

Finally, council called on Yellowhead Regional Library Director Kevin Dodds, to present him with a Certificate of Recognition.

After starting at the library in 1989, and serving various roles in management over the years, Dodds is set to retire from his position.

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