Spruce Grove Byelection: Candidate Jeff Acker

Former Alderman enters race for seat on council

There's an opportunity for Spruce Grove to do more when it comes to keeping seniors housed in the community.

That's according to Jeff Acker, who's one of four candidates running in the byelection for Spruce Grove council on July 10.

Acker says the people who have spent their lives here are concerned they'll have to leave toward the end of them.

"We need to do a better job as a city of finding land available, partnering up with agencies and organizations to put in place these types of facilities, because there's a demand and we want to keep them in our community," he said.

"Seniors are probably the most active volunteers in our community, they have the most knowledge and experience, and it would be wise for a city to capitalize on that."

Acker was elected as an alderman for two straight terms, between 2007 and 2013, while his father Joe also served as Spruce Grove's mayor between 1992 and 2001, following a 12-year run as a councillor.

Jeff says he brings familiarity to the job.

"Having those six years on previous councils, I developed a lot of relationships with regional players, Mayor (Rod) Shaigec and Mayor (William) Choy, as well as throughout the various boards and committees. And I think those relationships help show the integrity and the work ethic, and have that ability to develop further when working together."

He also spoke about the role of city councillors to identify wants versus needs.

Acker says that discussion can be extended to the proposed new arena project.

"I don't think it goes far enough of meeting the needs of our community. It sure looks great, there's some opportunities for sure for the city, to have such a facility in there," he said.

"But I would much rather council take a moment, step back from the decision on going forward with the current plans, and look at what do we need as a community? And how can we make one facility under a single roof meet more of those needs?"

Byelection day is July 10, with advance polls scheduled for June 25-26, and July 3.

Spruce Grove Byelection 2019: Jeff Acker

Byelection candidate Jeff Acker discusses his campaign

Posted by 88.1 The ONE "Parkland County's Best Country" on Thursday, June 20, 2019

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