Spruce Grove Byelection: Candidate Jan Gillett

Candidate bringing lessons learned from run in 2017

A candidate in Spruce Grove's byelection says she frequently sees people struggling with affordability.

Jan Gillett is also the founder of the Parkland Pregnancy Support Centre, and says it's hardly only new mothers who struggle with affordability in the city.

"I tried to move my mother here from (Edmonton), and it took nearly two years of her being on a waiting list to get into the affordable housing building here. And so that's something we need to look at," she said.

"There's opportunity to work with developers here, I think, to create different levels of care-type housing for our seniors."

She also pointed to the growing trend of co-housing, where groups of adults live together and co-own the home with each other. 

Gillett first ran for council during the general election in 2017, and says she learned plenty of things during that campaign.

She says one of them came on a trip to Khayelitsha in South Africa.

"I had a chance to go to Africa, and while I was there in the township - these people live in abject poverty there," she said.

"But what I saw there was this amazing sense of community, how people looked after one another, and how people built each other up. So that was something I definitely learned to bring back to Spruce Grove."

She also weighed in on the proposed sports and entertainment centre, and says that while opportunity for Spruce Grove to bring in business through touring acts is intriguing, the city can't lose sight of local needs.

"Searle Turton, our former council member, did a lot of work on there possibly being a climbing wall. I'd like to see community space, I'd like to see perhaps a theatre area in there," she said.

"We've just got to make sure that the proposal for the facility meets as many needs as we can, is the best that we can get for the dollars spent, but also be open to the economic potential that could benefit us."

Byelection Day is July 10, with two advance polls coming on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Spruce Grove Byelection 2019: Jan Gillett

Byelection candidate Jan Gillett discusses her campaign

Posted by 88.1 The ONE "Parkland County's Best Country" on Monday, June 24, 2019

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