Spruce Grove buying up potential arena land

City negotiating for 8.3 acres in Westwind area

Spruce Grove is entering into negotiations to buy up land for a potential arena.
The city is negotiating the purchase of 8.3 acres in the Westwind Centre, which would also allow for the planned transit park and ride centre.
Spruce Grove already owns five acres in that area, southeast of Highway 16 at Century Road.
Interim City Manager David Wolanski says this doesn't mean anything about the arena has been finalized.

"There's no decision, I want to be very clear on that, that the city has made in regards to any arena project. It'll just set us up for if and when council makes that decision, that we are available to move forward as quickly as possible," he said.

Approval of the park and ride is already in place, with design work expected to start this year.
It would put 200 parking stalls beside a new hub for public transportation.

Wolanski says this acquisition has already been factored into the budget.

"Obviously we're still in negotiations, but any kind of funds that we had set aside for development in that area, this is covered," he said.

"For the transit system - we already had a separate initiative for that. And anything else, we already had budget set aside for potential development in that area. So it's not an additional expenditure that we hadn't accounted for."

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