Spruce Grove Alderman Running this Fall

Alderman Wayne Rothe. (Election photo provided by Rothe.)

Wayne Rothe announced his re-election campaign on Nomination Day.

With his declaration on Nomination Day, Spruce Grove Alderman Wayne Rothe is the fourth incumbent council member to announce he's seeking re-election on October 16th, 2017.

Rothe, a certified financial planner, feels strongly about protecting the city's dollars and how they are used, noting it was taxation that caught him interested in running for his first term years ago, running on a platform of fiscal responsibility.

"At that time Spruce Grove had one of the highest tax rates in the Edmonton region but thanks to some good financial leadership, Spruce Grove's taxes are now in the bottom half," Rothe tells One News.  

Looking to ensure the city remains fiscally responsible, Rothe has come out with strong opposition to the proposed $79-million dollar multi-use sport and event centre, even tabling a motion in council last week to bring the proposal to the public while it was still in the information stage.  The motion will be addressed in council on September 25th.

"I believe this arena and event centre would be, if we proceed, an expensive mistake.  This proposal may change, I totally get that, but I'll speak to what's before us currently," states Rothe.  "The indoor recreation facility study that council recieved on August 14th identified five top priorities- four are totally ignored in the sports and event centre."

"I have no problem building multi-use facilities.  I do have a problem with this facility," added Rothe.

When it comes to the potential change on council, two rookie Alderman are guaranteed on the next city council with the retirements of Bill Kesanko and Louise Baxter and Rothe feels his time on council can be an asset for the new council members.

"I think we'll see some surprises in this election with more newcomers than the two seats that are guaranteed to change over," predicted Rothe.  "I think my experience will be necessary on a largely new council."

Over another possible term, Rothe would also like to see regional collaboration expanded but does feel Spruce Grove has done most of the heavy lifting.

"I do support regional co-operation, what I don't support is sending our tax dollars out into other communities with the likelihood of nothing coming back," states Rothe.  "And I don't support us providing services that residents of other communities use- services that are highly subsidized by the City of Spruce Grove, for example the most egregious example in my opinion is transit."

"People from other communities come into Spruce Grove, they park on our streets and they hop on our buses. Their tickets pay a small portion on the amount of the cost of those services," affirms Rothe.  Going forward, he'd like to see some services combined with the Town of Stony Plain, using the library as an example.

When it comes to the accelerated growth of Spruce Grove, Rothe wants to make sure there's ample land, roads and infrastructure place.

"I believe we are a well managed municipality, we just need to continue to manage growth in the best way possible," Rothe tells One News, and he also is optimistic city administration will reach an agreement with Parkland County regarding the land the city is proposing to annex going south.

The hear the full, unedited interview with Spruce Grove Alderman candidate Wayne Rothe click here or click play on the file below:


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