Spruce Grove Alderman Looks to Extend Political Career

Spruce Grove Alderman Bill Steinburg (Facebook)

Bill Steinburg says there's no substitute for experience.

This fall's election marks the end of the current term of municipal government, and for Spruce Grove Alderman Bill Steinburg it also means the end of his 22nd year representing the city as either a Mayor or Alderman on city council.  Looking forward to the election in October, Steinburg is once again running for re-election.

A quick overview of Steinburg's campaign outlines his commitment to positive economic development, environmental leadership, responsible government, improving city supply services and social sustainability but another focus for Steinburg should he be re-elected aims to take regional co-operation in the Tri-Region to the next step: unification.

"I think we need to do that.  We need to ask the citizens of Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and if the county residents want into it, fine, by referendum: should we start looking over a five or ten year period whether we should be merging into one municipality," says Steinburg.  

Steinburg adds this line of thought comes from his support of regional co-operation, but some dissatisfaction of its execution.  

"I'm very much in support of that but I am disappointed," says Steinburg on the topic of regional collaboration.  "Spruce Grove, for years, we've asked for assistance because of what we're providing... we end up building it ourselves and other municipalities use it and I don't think that's right and I'm sure the citizens in those other municipalities don't think it's right either."

"It doesn't matter if a resident comes from Stony Plain or the county of Parkland, they can use the bus service," notes Steinburg as an example.  "What I would like to see going forward is a better sharing of dollars."

"I see the need at some time to have the citizens decide through a referendum when it is time to merge our two communities, I don't think that it should be just up to the elected officials."

When it comes to Spruce Grove-centric issues such as the $79 million dollar SEC proposal and Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE), Steinburg feels both need careful consideration.

"It is just a proposal, it's a concept we've brought to the community being transparent," says Steinburg of the SEC.  "It just sounds scary to some people. It's a bugaboo and there are those in the community who will take the bugaboo and expand it.  I think we need to take a positive approach and follow a process like you would with any capital purchase or any capital development."

On the ATE, Steinburg seems to support its use but would like to see how it's implemented altered.

"You know, people don't like to be ticketed but it's important for highway and school traffic control," says Steinburg.  "I do agree there's some areas where photo radar is placed- behind a tree or something like that, the constables are hiding-I don't agree with that, but intersections and school zones, I'm a supporter."

Going forward, Steinburg would also like to champion the implementation of broadband internet throughout the city should he be re-elected, as he feels the lack of it is a disadvantage for the city when it comes to attracting new business.

To hear the full, unedited interview with Spruce Grove Alderman candidate Bill Steinburg click here or click play on the file below: 


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