Ski program coming to Devon schools

Ski-at-School will launch in late-2019.

A program launching later this year will give hundreds of Devon students access to cross country skiing.

After developing a curriculum for its Ski-at-School program in 2012, the local Bears Adventure Sport Society (BASS), has plans to finally launch. This comes after years of problems trying to secure funding for the program. With help from the Town of Devon, Aspenleaf Energy, and Devon IGA, the group was able to buy 300 pairs of skis, poles, and boots from an auction.

“We sort of laid down all the ground work early on and then had to sit on it for a while. It certainly feels nice to have a nice solution to it. And it ended up being a very cost effective one for us too,” said President of BASS, Jeff Bakal. 

He says the skis are expected to be used by all four of Devon’s community schools, as well as by other local clubs. 

Bakal says bringing back this program was important to him. 

“The equipment gets out of date, or broken, or whatever. It’s a program that’s sort of been lost, so it’s a good opportunity to reinvigorate it,” he said.

The ski program will launch later in 2019, with some schools hoping to unofficially start this winter.

BASS aims to provide outdoor activities to youth in Devon through mountain biking, cross country skiing, biathlon, and adventure skiing programs.

On February 16, BASS will partner with Leduc County at the Wizard Lake Winter Try-It Festival in which the skis will be used to host mini learn to ski sessions. 

Photo Source: Town of Devon

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