SGFS holds recognition ceremony

The ceremony was held on Tuesday at city hall.

City hall was home to a celebration for the Spruce Grove Fire Service on Tuesday.

Fire Chief Robert Kosterman says the event recognized the graduation of four recruits, the promotion of seven lieutenants and two captains, as well as three members receiving service medals. The medals recognized the members for their 12, 22, and 32 years of service for the department. 

He says this yearly event is normally dedicated to the graduation of recruits, however, there were so many members to recognize that they combined all the ceremonies into one.

The fire service also used the occasion to show off their brand new fire truck, which included a traditional wet down ceremony.

“The crew members wet down the truck and then people wipe the water off and push it into the fire station to officially put it into service,” said Kosterman.  


Photo Source: Mayor Stuart Houston 

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