Seismic Activity Reported near Tri Region

A screen shot of the Alberta Beach area from the seismic activity map. (AER/AGS)

Pair of minor earthquakes damage homes.

A pair of seismic events have caused ground to shift in Alberta Beach, damaging homes around the summer village with effects felt through the south side of Lac St. Anne.

According to the Alberta Energy Regulator, the responsible authority in monitoring seismic activity in the province under their geological survey branch, the minor 2.0 scale earthquakes were recorded around 11:45 p.m. on Monday evening.  The AER says the relatively minor scale of the earthquakes makes them difficult to classify.

Some residents in the area say they woke up during the seismic activity, noting it sounded like something was falling on their houses, with one family even finding a crack in their cabin's backyard large enough to fit an arm.

The AER says the two quakes are the first reported seismic activity in the Alberta Beach area since 2008 and 2009, when there were two reported earthquakes near Barrhead.


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