RiverFest 2019 hits new attendance record

Photo Source: Explore Edmonton

The Devon and Edmonton events see 6000 attendees.

Devon’s Voyageur Park hosted about 450 involved in the third-annual Epcor RiverFest on Saturday.

This year’s event set an overall attendance record, with nearly 6000 attendees and about 2600 paddlers involved in the Edmonton and Devon festivities. That’s up from 1500 its first year, and 2400 in 2018.

The event focuses on showing people some of the different ways they can enjoy the river valley. This included rafts and voyageur canoes in Edmonton, with paddleboards, tubes, and kayaks being used in Devon.

Parkland County, the Town of Devon, and Epcor collaborate on organizing the event, with this year having a goal of attracting 5000 attendees.

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