RCMP see influx of stranded tubers on Pembina River

Police give tips before heading to the river.

RCMP are looking to share a public safety message in response to a rise in search and rescue operations alongside the Pembina River.

Evansburg RCMP says this summer has already garnered several complaints involving people stranded along the river while trying to float tubes down it.

Officers offer a few tips before heading out, including knowing the area and the timing of your journey, notifying someone of when and where you’re going, and to avoid consuming alcohol. They also suggest to dress for the weather, wear a life jacket, and bring a cell phone that’s stored properly for the conditions.

RCMP say they believe some people are under the impression that the river runs in a loop back towards the provincial park, which isn’t true. They add that entering the river at the park may leave you stranded.

Police in Evansburg say air assistance was required to save two tubers from the river bed this past weekend, tying-up valuable RCMP resources.

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