RCMP Investigate a Robbery in St. Albert

A composite sketch of what the robber is believed to look like.

One youth was robbed while walking home from a friends house in St. Albert

RCMP are investigating a robbery of a youth in St. Albert

On January 8th, around 8 p.m., a youth was walking home from a friends going through Forest Ravine Park when he felt someone grab his shoulder from behind. He turned to find two unidentified men standing there, and they told the youth to give them his cellphone and headphones or they would beat him up. When the youth surrendered his items the two men took off into the wood.

The youth was luckily not injured in the incident.

The youth has since described the two men:

Male 1

  • Brown hair
  • Black jacket
  • Black pants 
  • Black shoes
  • Black hoodie
  • White Skin
  • 6'4"
  • Skinny

Male 2

  • Brown hair
  • Black jacket with an attached hood
  • Black pants
  • Grey shows
  • White Skin
  • 6'2-6'4"
  • Skinny

Police are currently seeking more information in the investigation.


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