Provincial update to photo radar use won't change much in Spruce Grove

Alberta announced the new photo radar use guidelines on Thursday.

New photo radar operating guidelines are coming to Alberta, but a Spruce Grove official says drivers won’t see much change in the community.

The update was released on Thursday and is aimed to create a heavier focus on safety rather than generating revenue, as well as encouraging more transparency overall.

Radar use is now prohibited on high-speed, multi-lane roadways, as well as in areas where speed limits change. Municipalities are also required to post radar locations and submit collision statistics demonstrating how radar is focused on safety.

But Spruce Grove’s General Manager of Community and Protective Services, David Wolanski, says things will remain largely the same.

“[Aside from posting radar locations], there’s nothing that we haven’t thought of that’s in this report. This is why we said we’re excited about it, because it shows that we’re already doing it, or are on-track to implement those things,” he said.

Wolanski says this will only affect mobile radar operators and not stationary units such as the ones on traffic lights.

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