Professional boxing event comes to Stony Plain Oct. 19

Photo Source: UFC

The bouts will be held at the Heritage Park Pavilion and will be live streamed on UFC Fight Pass.

Stony Plain is set to host a professional boxing event following council’s approval on Monday. 

The matches are penciled for Oct.19 at the Heritage Park Pavilion.

The promoter of the event, Pasqualino Santoro, says this will be an opportunity to show the boxing world that it’s not just cities who support the sport.

"We just need that one chance to show that not only Edmonton can do those events, but smaller communities can rally behind these events and make them profitable,” he said.

He says the event is expected to bring Stony Plain notable media and boxing enthusiast exposure through video segments highlighting the town. The fights, along with the clips about the town will be live streamed on UFC Fight Pass.

Santoro grew up in the Stony Plain-area and says he wants to showcase the town and put it on the map.

“How you present the town will hopefully be good, if it all works out…We’re still early into [planning] this,” he said.

His two sons are expected to square off in separate world title matches, while most of the card is still yet to be finalized.

Find more event info here.

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