Police break up vehicle chop shop

Two arrests made on rural Parkland property

An investigation into rural property crime by local RCMP led to a couple of arrests last week.

On Friday, a search warrant was granted for a rural property in Parkland County, which had been operating an illegal vehicle chop shop.

Police found confirmation of that, along with a stolen flat-deck and dirt bikes, as well as 224 grams of meth.

28-year-old Dean Brendel from Fallis and 23-year-old Hope Nixon were arrested at the scene.

Brendel stayed in custody after breaching prior release conditions, while Nixon was released on bail.

Both appeared in Stony Plain court yesterday on charges related to drug possession, stolen property, and tampering with a Vehicle Identification Number.

The search was conducted with local RCMP officers, along with the help of the K Division Auto Theft Section, and Evansburg RCMP.

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