Phase two of Stony Plain's 'Past, Present, Future' mural to be unveiled Friday

Local artist James Mackay's newest piece will be revealed through a ceremony at the Meridian Foundation building.

Stony Plain is set to unveil the second phase of an ongoing mural on Friday. 

The new mural focuses on the community’s present health and senior care, and is the second part of the ‘Past, Present, Future’ series that local artist James Mackay has created.

Mackay says he works on everything from goalie masks, to motorcycles, but says creating these murals is special to him.

“Lots of artists know that it’s nice to be chosen, or appreciated, or to have people like what you’re doing…It’s a happy job; it’s satisfying,” he said.

He says this mural has been fun to work on because he’s received a lot of feedback from local seniors, and even had some help with painting the project.

Friday’s event will be held at the Meridian Foundation building from 11:00 to noon, with a BBQ scheduled following the unveiling.

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