Pets still at risk of ticks during the winter

While it's not very common, ticks can still be active.

A Devon vet clinic is reminding pet owners to be aware of ticks despite the cold weather.

A dog from the Spruce Grove-area was brought into the Devonian Veterinarian Clinic on January 9th where several ticks were removed.

While it is uncommon for ticks to be active during the winter, they can often come out when the temperature reaches +4 or above. The clinic says this region does not have a lot of ticks that carry Lymes Disease, but they have noticed more ticks coming into Alberta due to the warmer weather in the past few years.

Rural areas generally have a higher population of ticks during the winter due to sheltered areas such as barns and sheds providing a warm environment, but the clinic says dog parks near water and forests can put your pet at risk too.

The clinic suggests preventative measures such as monthly visits to a vet as the best way to avoid your pet being harmed. Regular grooming is also recommended to spot ticks.

The ticks were sent for testing, as is the common practice when removing them from an animal. 


Photo Source: Alberta Health 

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