Parkland School Division Trustee Seeks Re-Election

Eric Cameron is running for one of three Ward 5- Spruce Grove- Trustee positions. (Website)

Eric Cameron looking for one of three Ward 5 seats.

For the first time since 1995, every single electoral ward of the Parkland School Division has the potential to change over completely in this fall's election due to no acclaimed positions.

An open contest will be held in Ward 5, representing Spruce Grove and the highest amount of students in the PSD, and incumbent Eric Cameron is running for re-election to one of the three available spots.

"I have an educational background of teaching myself, I'm committed to kids, I'm committed to the community, I've been in Spruce Grove for 36 years, and so I have a passion," Cameron tells One News.

Spruce Grove has had the luxury of a new school opening last fall in Prescott with another on the way in Copperhaven, which is seen by Cameron as coming with it's own positive challenges.

"It does come with a little bit of experience," says Cameron of Copperhaven's soon to be K-9 building.  "We've gone through it with Prescott Learning Centre.  We've been very fortunate in Spruce Grove to have a number of capital projects, I don't think there's a community in Alberta per capita that had more capital projects given by the government."

"The new schools do provide challenges for us, but they're good challenges to be able to employ teachers and support staff.  To be able to right size our schools in Spruce Grove is really important in developing more community schools rather than busing kids all across town and so on, so we're making every effort to get to some normalcy."

Changes to the PSD busing system this fall certainly has it's critics among local parents, and Cameron plans to certainly make it a priority for him should he be re-elected.

"I would like to have as one of our goals is to communicate better to our public how our transportation system works, to start with," says Cameron.  "First of all, we have one of the largest regional bus transportation systems in the province.  We've been told by the Minister of Education is a model for the province that they'd like to have else where."

When it comes to the overarching changes handed down through the NDP's governments Bill 1 in terms of fee rollbacks and transportation, Cameron is split.

"What we are proposing is that the government continue with the direction the're going because they do want to reduce fees for parents and that is a really positive thing," says Cameron.  "But at the same time, if they're doing that and saying it has to come out of our budget then it's just robbing Peter to pay Paul.  What we're asking that the government considers if they're going to do those things, they need to fund them property."

To hear the full, unedited interview with Ward 5 Parkland School Division Trustee candidate Eric Cameron, click play on the file below:



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