Parkland School Division discusses upcoming school year

Superintendent Shauna Boyce details what she's excited for in 2019/20.

With the school year starting-up, Parkland School Division is looking forward to some changes moving-forward.

That's according to Superintendent Shauna Boyce, who says the division has a new vision, which focuses on giving students the confidence, resilience, insight, and skills needed to thrive and positively impact the world.

"I think there's lots of pieces people can relate to both personally and professionally. We want people to grow into being confident and resilient, but still have the skills to succeed in the world," she said. 

Along with the new mission statement is an updated grade 1-9 report card system, which Boyce says she's confident will better meet the needs of parents communication-wise.

She says they're also excited for construction projects, including a nearly-completed gym at Copperhaven School, an expansion at Woodhaven Middle School, and the start of work on Stony Plain Central School. Something Boyce says is a future construction goal is the modernization and expansion of Spruce Grove Composite High School, to accommodate for the city's growing population

One thing she says they're looking forward to staying the same is the RCMP's school resource officer, whose position was in question due to budget changes earlier this year.

"They're another person our students can talk to about the kinds of issues that happen both inside and outside school. They get a great idea of what it's like to be a police officer and they put a name and a face to the badge. I think it's really important to develop those relationships and let them know that they're there to help," said Boyce. 

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