Parkland Pets in Danger

A snare similar to this one, but surrounded with bait, is catching family pets.

Baited snare catching more than coyotes.

One dog is dead and at least four more have been caught by a coyote snare in Parkland County.

Some residents say the snare, on private property with permission, isn't just a danger to pets but children as well.  There is no signage around the area and it's baited with parts of dead animals, like moose.

Many deem coyotes to be pests, but Lesley Sampson with Coyote Watch Canada says randomly killing coyotes can have adverse ecological effects.  

"Removing a keystone species, like coyote, from the landscape means farmers will then deal with an increase in rodent populations which can wreak havoc on crops," explains Sampson.  "There's great ways of employing non-lethal strategies.  Whether its livestock guard dogs, fencing, making sure outbuildings are in working order or reestablishing outbuildings."

However, even with signage or other measures, traps still pose a risk to pets- especially if bait is used.

"Dogs are curious, they're going to go up, they're going to sniff around and they're going to get caught in those traps," says Sampson.

Residents say they have issued complaints with Parkland County, but officials say it's a provincial matter so they won't investigate.  According to provincial guidelines, the snare which killed a family dog is legal.  



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