Parkland Food Bank making it easier for clients to visit

As of Feb. 9, a bus will use Spruce Grove’s bus stops to take clients to and from the food bank.

Visiting the Parkland Food Bank is becoming easier with a new bus service.

The local food bank has teamed-up with the Engage City Church to buy a bus that will transport users to and from its location every Saturday morning. The service began on Feb. 9 and uses Spruce Grove's existing bus stops. 

The Executive Director of Parkland’s Food Bank, Sheri Ratsoy, says a board member recognized the difficulty many clients have picking up food hampers at the food bank in the industrial park, largely due to lack of transportation. 

She says Saturday mornings were the chosen day to operate the bus, as many people work during the week, it’s a quieter day at the food bank, and it doesn’t interfere with Spruce Grove’s existing transit.

Ratsoy says the cold has likely kept people from using the bus, but expects the warmer weather to increase ridership.  

"Even for people to walk to a bus stop and stand there to wait [it can be difficult]. Both Saturday mornings [the service has ran] were right around the -30 [degree] range. We're looking forward to it increasing in the next few weeks," she said. 

She says they hope to implement a Stony Plain route, but it’s not an easy move.

"They [Stony Plain] don't have the [suitable] existing bus transit route because this is a full-size city transit bus. They're having to create routes that can handle the big bus," she said.


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