Parkland County Wraps Budget Talks

After just two days Parkland County Council has finished 2018 budget discussions.

It was a relatively quick process for Parkland County Council as they reviewed their budget for the 2018 year.

Administration began by saying they were proud to present a budget that fell below the projected inflation and kept tax rates fairly low.

Administration also planned to reel back expenditures from last year proving to provide little change to this years budget.

As Council reviewed the budget plan, one key issue was brought up on separate occasions, that being the issue of road repairs. As almost every Councillor voiced some concern about there being enough money to fully supplement road repairs as every Councillor heard that was a key concern on the campaign trail. Administration assured Council everything in their power is being done to repair the roads the best they can, but sometimes it comes down to weather conditions.

Administration also outlined where they plan to spend their capital budget contributing 45,670,000 to new road construction and $4,896,000 to road rehabilitation.

Council was also shown how they measure up to the surrounding communities and they were shown Parkland County has the 5th lowest residential tax rate and the third lowest non-residential rates.

Overall no major changes were made to the budget which suggested a tax increase of 1.59% to residential properties and a 1.74% increase to non-residential properties. This equates to roughly $50 in additional taxes per year for residential and $1,005 for non-residential.

Council moved forward having been very pleased with the outcome presented to them by their staff.



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