Parkland County to contribute funding to recreation in neighboring communities

Devon, Drayton Valley, and Yellowhead County will receive a total of just over $291,000.

Parkland County is going forward with contributing funds to recreational projects in neighboring communities.

On Tuesday, council approved just over $291,000 to be put towards upgrades and construction of facilities in Devon, Drayton Valley, and Yellowhead County.

Devon will receive just over $91,000 for arena upgrades and to build a pool. Drayton Valley will get just under $18,000 for upgrades of its Omniplex, a new pool, as well as repairs of its existing pool, with the intent to repurpose it. Yellowhead County is aiming to convert its riding arena into a field house with the nearly $183,000 it's taking-in.

Mayor Rod Shaigec explains the reasoning for the county aiding these neighbouring communities’ projects.

“As a large rural municipality, with low-density development, there isn’t a business case for Parkland County to fund and construct a lot of these recreational facilities – we just don’t have the population base to support it,” he said.

He says many Parkland County residents already use the recreation amenities in these communities, and it’s been a long-standing practice to partner with these municipalities as part of the Culture Capital Share program. 


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