Parkland County Mayoral Candidate Hopes to Bring Fresh Ideas

Don Heron is challenging incumbent Mayor Rod Shaigec for the top Council spot in Parkland County.

We officially have a mayoral race in Parkland County.

With Nomination Day behind us three candidates have emerged including one, Don Heron. Don has lived in the County for 14 years and now hopes to bring some of his life experience to Council. Heron adds Shaigec has done a great job with his time in office, but feels it may be time for someone new to come in in order to bring new and fresh ideas to the table.

Heron has quite the storied background working 25 years in construction with his family's company giving him a background in infrastructure. He also has 16 years of financial planning under his belt which he sees as an asset going forward working with budgets and working closely with Administration.

In talking with residents, Heron has heard a variety of issues throughout the County, but one problem he says keeps appearing is that people are unaware of what their tax dollars are going towards. He says people feel like they aren't truly getting value for their money and if elected that is something he would like to take a look at.

Heron outlined his platform promoting some issues he has heard consistently with residents. His key points are bringing businesses to Parkland County, sustain agricultural practices, and ensure a healthy safe environment.

In a one-on-one interview with One News, Heron addresses how he would like to reduce personal taxes. If elected, he would like to attract new businesses into the County in an effort to help offset the property taxes. Heron adds, "we just can't keep taxing people to death, it's hurting a lot of people out there" he continues, " I'd like to make it a key focus to attract more commercial businesses here to increase our tax base".

Speaking more to bringing value to residents Heron notes visibility on where money is being spent is key. He adds a lot of residents do not actually see where their money is going besides occasional road cleaning and repair. Heron says, "I think visually if people see that work is being done and not just a band-aid approach I think people will be a lot more happier".

Heron adds on saying roads in the County are in dire need of repair. He believes more investment need to be made in the road construction as he adds, "I think money should be set aside, and there should be a plan in place that some of these roads should be rebuilt totally, I know that is expensive and I know a lot of the problems are to do with the province, but again we have to be the voice for our community".

In closing, Heron readdresses fiscal policy as he states, "how we spend out money its got to be transparent and people have to see value for their money". He adds, "I think we have a great community out here, I hear it daily people are moving out here, they love what we have to offer".

To hear the full unedited interview with Mayoral  Candidate Don Heron, click the player below.


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