Parkland County Mayor Declares Bid for Re-Election

Parkland County Mayor Rod Shaigec is looking for his third term as mayor.

Parkland County Mayor Rod Shaigec has announced his intentions to run for re-election when Parkland County residents head to the polls on October 16th, 2017.

Shaigec has been Mayor of Parkland County for 7 years, after first being elected as Mayor in 2010. Shaigec has lived in Parkland County for three decades and has family ties to the area, which extend more than 100 years.

After being Mayor for 7 years, Shaigec explains why he’s looking for re-election, “really the motivation is no different then what it was in 2010 or 2013, I want to be part of the decision making process, part of council and try to effect positive change for Parkland County residents and the businesses in the community.”

In an exclusive sit-down interview with One News, Shaigec noted growth as one of the issues the county will be facing as the City of Spruce Grove is looking to annex lands from Parkland County, he also has several important questions about the growth.

“Where should the growth be directed? Should it be on prime agriculture lands or should it be on more marginalized lands? We have an opportunity here, in Parkland County, and the Capital Region to really move forward and advance agriculture and diversify our economy, but we fail to recognize our limit where that growth is occurring.”

In the short to medium term Shaigec says the biggest challenge the County has is the phase out of Coal-fired Generation Plants, noting he and the county have been in discussions with the provincial government regarding how it’ll affect the county.

“We have expressed to them [provincial government] the challenges and we have had a social-economic impact assessment done by an independent consulting firm,” says Shaigec. “That information has been provided to the province, and I’m confident that we will get some resolution to help mitigate the impacts that coal phase-out will have on Parkland County.”

Shaigec adds he had the opportunity to meet with representatives from TransAlta last week and was informed the company will be withdrawing its linear tax appeal on Keephills 3 plant from the Municipal Government.

 Shaigec says he’s looks to continue learning, noting he’s fortunate we live in a democratic society.

“Residents have an opportunity to make a determination whether they think they’ve been effectively represented and have their interest been advanced by whether it’s myself as mayor or their councillor. I encourage people to get out and vote.”

The full, unedited interview between One News and Mayor Rod Shaigec can be played by clicking the player below.


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