Parkland County discussing updating cannabis land use regulations

At Tuesday’s council meeting, amendments to the county’s Land Use bylaw were given a first read

New regulations regarding cannabis operations' locations and production amounts may be coming to Parkland County.

On Tuesday, council gave its first reading of the new Land Use bylaw, which better defines the rules around sales, cultivation and processing of cannabis in the county. This is an amendment of the 2018/2019 Land Use bylaw.  

For cultivation, it is separated into major and minor categories, with major cultivation being an area of 200 or more square metres, and minor being 200 square metres or less.

Cannabis processing is also categorized by major and minor operations, with a minor operation allowed to process up to 600 kilograms of dried cannabis in a year.

If approved, cultivation, processing, and sales would be permitted in pre-determined areas of the county, but would be under the discretion of the county’s Development Authority. Discretion would be based off of factors like property size, proximity to nearby residents, and access to roads.

Retail sales shops would be permitted in particular commercial and industrial areas. Cultivation and processing would be allowed in certain agricultural and industrial areas.

Council will have a public hearing for the new bylaw at its April 9 meeting.

Photo Source: Farmer Express

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