Parkland County Candidates Wants to Bring Innovative Ideas to Council

Ken Dykstra is running in Division 6 in his first election in Parkland County

A new face is challenging incumbent Tracey Melnyk for her seat as Division 6 Councillor in Parkland County.

Ken Dykstra has thrown his hat into the ring as he see's a need for improvement in his division. He believes his experience as an entrepreneur and businessman will contribute to Council. Spending a majority of time in the transportation and propane industry, Dykstra has learned the importance of fiscal responsibility and customer service, something he will want to bring to the forefront if elected. Dykstra has also lived in the County for over 20 years being active in the community and gaining experience as a rancher.

In a one-on-one interview with One News Dykstra stresses the importance of common sense and fiscal responsibility on Council. He states, "Parkland County is apparently one of the richer Counties in Alberta and I'm not sure we're spending our money all that wisely, or we're distributing it unevenly". Dykstra adds he sees more happening in some communities rather than others and feels there should be an even spread of wealth in the County.

Speaking more to spending, Dykstra makes note of the 15 Special Constables the County employs. He notes, "I'm sure they're needed and we could put them to good use, but I think they could be put to better use. He also speaks to the budget saying, "It's time we did the budget and stuck to it, I see taxes going up every year and I see expenses going up every year but I see service going down".

Dykstra wants to take a stand on rural crime in the area as well as he sees it becoming an issue in the County. He believes there is plenty that can be done but he see's the first step is providing an enforcement presence. He states, "starting with our Special Constables and get them working a night shift or two, cruising around and having that presence" Dykstra adds, "it would be nice to seem one or two of them stationed out there" as he refers to enforcement out near Tomahawk and the Division 6 area.

Dykstra also believes there needs to be more transparency between Council and residents as he believes more information needs to be shared with the people. He adds that the County already has a great webpage they could use to their advantage, but for those without access to internet he believes contact with Councillors is key.

In closing, Dykstra enforces what he hopes to bring to the table as a Councillor, "What I bring to the table is a lot of experience, a lot of skill sets and a lot of common sense".

To hear the full unedited interview with Parkland County Councillor Ken Dykstra, click the player below.


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