Parkland County Candidate Wants to Bring Value to Residents

Eric von Stackelberg is running in Division 4 for the upcoming Parkland County Municipal Election.

In a race that involves several new candidates another first time candidate is making his way onto the ballot

Eric von Stackelberg is running in Division 5 for Parkland County Council after having lived in the area for 20 years. He believes his experience as a consultant for the Government of Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have provided him with tool that would benefit him well on council. He notes his 20 years in the business have taught him finance budgeting in addition to being able to effect change under difficult circumstances.

In a one-on-one interview with One News, Stackelberg urges that government must be able to be more efficient and be able to quickly adapt to changes. "We need to be able to take action faster" Stackelberg adds, "responding to things in an effective matter, and I think I have the background to help make that happen".

In regards to his platform Stackelberg has two main points among many, fiscal responsibility and clear and open lines of communication between council and its residents. He notes both of these are process issues and his process experience will be an asset going forward if he were elected.

Speaking to fiscal responsibility, Stackelberg wants to ensure all residents are getting the best value, and their tax dollars are being spent wisely. Stackelberg says, "When we're looking at taxes I want to know not only how we spend our money, but I also want to know we have gotten value from it" he continues, "that's one of the biggest issues for me".

Stackelberg also speaks to the issues surrounding the community, and one major issue he would like to work on is the coal phaseout. He believes responsiveness from government is key in helping the coal communities become less affected. He also stresses the importance of bringing in alternative solutions that will not only help the families but also keep them in the County as well. He states, "from a County perspective we really need to push what we can do for our constituents so they have more alternatives, more alternatives for jobs and jobs that will keep them here in the County".

In regards to the ongoing issue of the land use bylaw amendment regarding outdoor recreational facilities especially outdoor gun ranges, Stackelberg sees concern on both sides but believes the issue needs to be further discussed in order to come to a compromise. He does however express an opinion that the amendment may set a bad precedent as he states, " we need to find a better solution that deals with both sides, and if there is not a collaboration possible then it might mean the gun range and the land use bylaw needs to be modified to allow them to stay".

In closing, Stackelberg readdresses his stance on fiscal responsibility and providing residents with value for their money. In addition, he also speaks to communication saying, "Engagement, how do we talk? I'd like to be able to talk to you and know what's important to you as opposed to what's important me".

To hear the full unedited interview with Parkland County Council Candidate Eric Von Stackelberg, click the player below.




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