New RCMP initiative focuses on victims of repeat break and enter

Project Lock Up was announced Tuesday and will put more resources into these types of crimes.

RCMP are acting to address the issue of repeat break and enters through a new initiative.

Project Lock Up is a new strategy that brings law enforcement and citizen-led crime prevention groups together to better help victims of these crimes in Alberta. 

Constable Shelley Nasheim of the Stony Plain RCMP says this has been a problem local police have had to deal with. 

“If people check out the crime map, you can see that some areas are targeted. Unfortunately there are some people that get hit repeatedly,” she said.

She says removing snow from sidewalks and driveways if you are going away can decrease the chances of your home being targeted. She also suggests to keep valuables out of sight and put curtains up in your garage.

Nasheim says the program will make local officers busier, but is important for the community.

“These victims that are targeted over-and-over again; they need answers and help. Hopefully that’ll be something community policing will be able to assist with,” she said.

There are four key components of the new strategy. RCMP will increase patrols and provide personalized home security assessments to areas of concern. Repeat victims will be equipped with Trace Pens, which can increase the likelihood that stolen items are returned and criminals are held accountable. RCMP will also deploy specialized officers into criminal hotspots.


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