New mural unveils in Stony Plain tomorrow

Ceremony at the Stony Plain Care Centre at 11:00 a.m.

Stony Plain adds to its large collection of murals with the unveiling of “With Hands and Hearts” tomorrow morning. 

That mural will be unveiled at 11:00 on Thursday at the Stony Plain Care Centre on 55 Avenue.

Local artist James Mackay says it's all about Stony Plain's roots.

"[It focuses on] the agricultural sector, old Stony Plain, [and] what was entertainment for our seniors," he said. 

He says it was created with the help of local seniors, with a focus on their lives in the community. 

"It's kinda what means something to the current seniors, what they went through and what's important to them. It's similar to other murals, but it's still unique to them," said Mackay. 

The mural was commissioned to celebrate the 70th-anniversary of the Good Samaritan Society and its history in the town.

It’s the first of three murals installed on the building, which had construction accommodate for these projects back in 2011.

Mackay says the design is partially inspired by the cherished stained-glass window in the building, and features handprints from staff and residents at the Stony Plain location.

"It's a little different than other murals, so hopefully people look at it and enjoy the heritage-look of it," said Mackay. 

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