Near-record rainfall hits Stony Plain in back-to-back months

Town exploring options for mitigating future flooding

The amount of rain in June and July is approaching record numbers.

That's according to Environment Canada statistics, which say July is on track to be the second wettest one over the last 20 years.

The first half of the month averaged nearly 4.4 mm of rain per day, putting it on pace to be the second-wettest July in the last 20 years.

The more than 136 mm that's predicted for this month would be second only to July 2012, which saw 210 mm.

Meanwhile, the 124.9 mm in June was second only to June 2011, when 133 mm were recorded.

The Town of Stony Plain says Public Works is working on keeping culverts, pipes, and catch basins flowing, and that the storm water levels were back at normal about two hours after Monday night's storm.

Based on the severity of the storms on Monday and last Sunday, on July 7, both have been categorized as one in 100 year events.

Going forward, the Town says it will look at the ability to upsize culverts in Whispering Waters Creek, which has been identified as the area where the most water accumulated during the two major storms.

Deputy Mayor Eric Meyer also says council will review the Storm Water Master Plan, given all the people who are experiencing flooding in their homes.

After contacting insurance, anyone with water damage who believes the Town is negligent can file a claim form that can be found online.

When it comes to the flooding, Stony Plain's Fire Department says it saw plenty of homes with flooding from sewage backup on Monday, but is reminding people that firefighters can't help much when it comes to a flood in progress.

They're also reminding people to stay away from fast moving creeks, to not run generators inside, not drive through storm water, and stay prepared in the way of a gassed up vehicle, charged cell phone, and organized documents that can be grabbed.

The Town is also asking people to test their sump pumps, ensure a back flow valve is installed, and keep downspouts positioned away from the house.

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