MP Dane Lloys Meets With Stony Plain Chamber

Dane Lloyd discussed a variety of issues as he was the guest speaker for the Stony Plain and District Chamber of Commerce Luncheon.

It was Dane Lloyd's first chance to introduce himself as a Member of Parliament in front of the Stony Plain and District Chamber of Commerce.

Lloyd, who was elected in late October to replace Rona Ambrose as the MP of Sturgeon River-Parkland spoke at the Chamber's luncheon and shared a little bit of what his office is currently working on. Lloyd's primary focus has been ensuring his offices are being set up as he states, "My focus is to make sure that the transition from our previous MP is as seamless as possible, that people's case files are being dealt with and that people know that there is a Member of Parliament that will listen to their concerns".

Once more settled in, Lloyd addressed how he would like to pursue his "no body, no parole" motion which would ensure convicted killers are not granted parole until they reveal where they have buried their bodies.

Speaking to some of the issues in the Tri-Region, Mayor Choy brought up the legalization of marijuana and how he feels law enforcement is not prepared to handle the legalization. This is an issue that has been echoed throughout the country as municipalities are concerned with how they will monitor the drug. Speaking to the legalization Lloyd explains, "If we can't stop it, it needs to be delayed so our communities can adapt to the changing law enforcement needs to the regulatory needs that legalized marijuana is going to create. I believe the federal Liberal government is rushing towards the legalization of marijuana without looking at all of these problems that need to be solved".

Lloyd also took time to address the carbon tax saying he is sending mail-outs to residents in the region so that they understand how the carbon levy affects their bottom line. "Whether it be gas in your car, home heating or even the groceries you buy at the store, it's all going to be affected by this carbon tax and I want people to have all the information they need to make an informed decision".

Additionally, he addressed some questions regarding pipelines which would bring Albertan oil to tidewater and to the southern refineries, and Lloyd remained confident pipelines like TransMountain and Keystone XL will benefit the Albertan economy greatly.

Speaking with One News, Lloyd also discussed the meat tax which was proposed by PETA. He notes European governments are starting to address a similar tax and he states, "I think there are some members of our federal Liberal government and possibly NDP government that support the idea of taxing meat ussing a sin tax method like they do for alcohol and tobacco, and their goal is to reduce the meat in peoples diet and to cut greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by the meat industry". Lloyd goes on to say he doesn't believe the science backs up these claims, and notes the cattle industry in Alberta is a sustainable industry.

In closing, Lloyd addressed the residents of the Tri-Region wishing them a happy and prosperous New Year and reassured them he will be standing up for Albertans in Ottawa.



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