MP Dane Lloyd Addresses Proposed Meat Tax

Lloyd has released a statement regarding the Canadian meat sector and the possibility of a meat tax.

Sturgeon River-Parkland MP Dane Lloyd has decided to speak out about recent proposals coming to light regarding a meat tax in Canada.

The proposal is coming from animal rights activist group PETA saying a meat tax would change Canadians eating habits and would generate a lessened impact on the environment.

This comes as troubling for Lloyd who states, "It's a regressive tax that will increase the price of food, disproportionately hitting working families and it reinforces false narratives about Canada's sustainable meat sector".

Lloyd expresses strong belief that Canada's meat sector is the best in the world and adds, "Here in Alberta, our agriculture sector has provided safe reliable nutritious and ethically sourced meat products for over a century". Speaking on an environmental level, Lloyd says, "Claims about the environmental harm and large carbon footprint of Canada's sustainable agricultural sector are irresponsible and dishonest". He points to the developing countries who are deforesting lands to create grazing fields saying this causes environmental harm, but due to Canada's vast prairies we have plenty of land making deforestation negligible.

Lloyd also addresses the comments from Minister Shannon Phillips around her "eat less meat" tweet referring to it as a, "shocking move considering what an important role our beef ranchers have in Alberta's economy and heritage".

He also further expresses how this proposal would affect Alberta ranchers who are the largest cattle-producing province in Canada accounting for 41 percent of the national inventory of cattle.  After noting agri-food contributed $6.6 billion to the provincial GDP he says, "Our producers are the best in the world, they contribute enormously to our economy and communities and they deserve better than to be target by special interest groups".

On a consumer level, Lloyd expresses that it would be, "way out of line for any level of government to try and tax families to making responsible choices to feed their families".

In closing he calls for the elected officials from across Canada to speak out against the proposal.


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