MP Candidate Wants to Bring Responsibility to Ottawa

Ernest Chauvet, representing the Christian Heritage Party is running for the vacant MP seat in Sturgeon River - Parkland.

Ernest Chauvet is hoping to represent Christian morals heading into the by-election for Sturgeon River-Parkland.

Representing the CHP party, Chauvet has gained life experience as a teacher, author, entrepreneur and founder of children's charities. Now, he hopes to add to his list of experience as a Member of Parliament. 

In a one-on-one interview with One News, Chauvet explains his decision to become a politician stems from his concern for the economic future of Canada, in addition to moral issues he would like to address.

Speaking to his party, Chauvet outlines two major areas of focus in the CHP. The first, is the fact that they are a pro-life party and express themselves as the only pro-life party in Canada. He explains, "We are also very concerned with the impact on women and being pro-life is from conception to natural death".

Chauvet expresses his party's stance on fiscal responsibility explaining they are a fiscally conservative party and they believe heavily in balancing government budget. Chuavet adds, "Otherwise all we are doing is spending money now, and asking our children and grandchildren to pay for it, so it can't be treated lightly and it has to be a major focus".

Speaking to the current issues revolving around this by election, Chauvet see's major faults in the energy sector especially with the cancellation of the Energy East Pipeline. "If we don't have the revenue coming from the oil or the energy factor or the production of this pipeline, then they will just have to tax more" Chauvet says. He also adds, the impact of the pipeline cancellation may not be seen immediately but the impact it will have on the taxpayers will be huge.

Adding on to the energy sector, Chauvet expresses his party's opposition towards the carbon tax as they believe it hurts middle and lower class people more than it hurts the upper class. He adds the carbon tax is not producing results and we will simply have less cars on the road due to job losses in the country. He states, "In B.C. and Ontario where they have the carbon taxes, it hasn't shown results and all that has been done is it goes to general revenue which permits spending that is unaccounted for".

Addressing the moral issues, Chauvet re-enforces his stance on pro-life and anti-abortion saying the government needs to take a stronger stance on the issue. He adds that scientific research has shown negative impacts on women who get abortions as well, as he says, "there's four times more chances of breast cancer in women who get abortions, it increases miscarriage, there's increase in depression".

In closing, Chauvet addresses the steps currently being taken with First Nations communities as he believes it is crucial that First Nations peoples are able to own their homes on the reserves. He would like to advocate for more consultation with First Nations communities if elected as MP.

Joining Chauvet in the race is Conservative candidate Dane Lloyd, Liberal vote Brian Gold and NDP representative Shawna Gawreluck.

To hear the full unedited interview with CHP Candidate for the upcoming by-election in Sturgeon River-Parkland Ernest Chauvet, click the player below.


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