Major update coming to highway 60

The announcement at Supreme Group Steel in Acheson on Jan. 18, 2019

The highway will be twinned between highways 16 and 16A, and an overpass will be built over the CN rail tracks.

Commuting on highway 60 is expected to get safer and easier in the coming years. 

It was announced Friday that the provincial government has plans to twin the highway between highways 16 and 16A as well as construct an overpass over the CN rail tracks. The interchange at highways 60 and 16A will be realigned to accommodate the twinning, resulting in four lanes of traffic.

Premier Rachel Notley believes that the project will have a major effect on both traffic and employment in the area. 

"Together, these two construction projects will support more than 450 jobs. They'll ease congestion. They'll keep trains and cars separate, which is safer for everyone. They'll reduce the chance of being rear-ended as you wait. And they'll help you get home just a little bit earlier," said Notley during her speech in Acheson.

Design work and relocation of utilities is set to begin later this year, with the project expected to take between two and three years to complete. There is currently no price tag on the upgrades.

Notley says the area needs modern infrastructure due to the essential role it plays in Alberta's economy.

"The Acheson industrial area and this entire community is an important, important part of Alberta's economy. People rely on this area for good jobs. It is the hub of a very busy transportation system," said the Premier. 

Roughly 15,000 vehicles drive highway 60 per day, with trucks making up 25% of that traffic. The high volume of truck traffic makes the project part of the province’s $1.6 billion "High Load Corridor" updates. This initiative is aimed at better accommodating oversized and overweight vehicles and connecting secondary highways to the provincial highway network. 


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