Maclean's report: Stony Plain, Spruce Grove among AB's best

Magazine publishes Canada's Best Communities rankings

Stony Plain and Spruce Grove are both in Alberta's top 15 places to live, according to a study from Maclean's magazine.
The project compiles data for 415 communities from coast to coast, and ranks them based on weighted scores in ten different categories.
The top-weighted categories are wealth and economy, and affordability, followed by health, weather, and commute.
Stony Plain was tenth in Alberta, and ranked 185th overall.
Spruce Grove was 15th best in Alberta, and 222nd on the national list.
Both Tri-region communities scored highest in the categories of wealth and economy, affordability, and demographics.
Parkland County also was ranked, finishing 330th nationally.
St. Albert was ranked highest in Alberta at 23rd place, while Burlington, Ontario took home top honours overall.

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