Longtime Stony Plain Resident Looks for Council Seat

Courtesy: Vote For Harold Pawlechko

Harold Pawlechko has been an active voice in Stony Plain, but he hopes to contribute more on Coucnil.

A familiar name will end up on this years ballot for the Town of Stony Plain Council election this fall.

Harold Pawlechko is one of the thirteen candidates vying for a council seat in the upcoming municipal election. Pawlechko is no stranger to the election process having run in previous elections, and in the 2013 election he narrowly missed a seat by less than a hundred votes. The past elections haven't slowed his determination though as he says each election has been a learning experience.

Pawlechko is no stranger to the town either, having lived in Stony Plain for over two decades. He's an active member in the community as well, contributing to several town committees. He also currently serves as acting President of the town's Chamber of Commerce. Pawlechko believes his previous involvement in the community through other committees will help him if elected to Council. 

With a background in business and a career as an entrepreneur, Pawlechko is an advocate for bringing business to the town and helping these businesses grow. In a one-on-one interview with One News he explains, "Business has always been a key one I seem to shine on and that is because a love I have for our community. It allows us to have a more diverse tax base, it allows us to attract businesses that are needed for our community as it grows with the change in people that come to our community".

Speaking to regional cooperation, Pawlechko is a strong supporter. He believes creating services that work together in the Tri-Region will create more efficiency. He adds, "It's really important for us to work with our neighbours down the street when we talk about transport, or major box stores, not each one of us can do something like that but we can participate in it".

Communication and transparency are another key point for Pawlechko as he uses automated traffic enforcement as an example. If elected, Pawlechko will be an advocate for an open discussion on photo radar. He notes, "I do believe this an issue this town has and one that stands out, I think we need to take it to the next level, we need to have an open forum where people come to that and have an understanding of what the town does with that money". 

Pawlechko also talks to the indoor recreational facility strategy that has been coming across the Tri-Region. He notes across the entire region, Ston Plain may be the community in the most need of a new facility. Pawlechko states, "facilities like that cost multi-millions of dollars, somebody has to pay for that, I think that we have an open discussion about it and how we get to some of the good facilities".

In closing, Pawlechko believes a good balance of old members and new members is crucial to having a strong town council. "They're mentors we need to learn from them because we have a steep learning curve".

To hear the full unedited interview with the Town of Stony Plain Council Candidate Harold Pawlechko, click the player below.


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