Longtime Politician,Trustee Seeks Re-Election

Elsie Kinsey is running for re-election in Ward 2 for a Trustee position in Parkland School Division

Elsie Kinsey is a candidate who has truly done it all. From being a Councillor, to a Mayor in Parkland County, she has perhaps found her calling as a school board Trustee.

In this election, Kinsey hopes to represent a new ward, due to boundary changes. Currently serving in Ward 6 she will now appear in the Ward 2 part of the ballot, the second most competitive ward in the county. Kinsey has been a resident in the area for 26 years, and now her grandchildren are going through the schooling system in Parkland. 

Kinsey also believes her prior experience will be an asset on the school board as she has learned the importance of being a strong advocate. In a one-on-one interview with One News, she explains the only way to ensure things get done is through communication with MLAs and municipal partners.

Kinsey outlines one factor she is very proud of is the bus transfer station in Spruce Grove. She explains that through tireless lobbying and speaking with ministers her, along with the rest of the board were able to get funding from the province to build the bus transfer. She describes the moment by saying, "Through my whole career that was the most thrilling experience I had, I just got goosebumps and nearly jumped out of my skin, because after all that work we finally got results and it felt so good".

She does see some unfinished business though, in particular to Provincial Achievement Tests. Kinsey notes, "We were above average at some things, average at some, but we were lacking in some areas and that's one goal we really want to look at and see what we can do to bring that average up on some of those Provincial Achievement Tests".

In regards to mental health, Kinsey is a big advocate. She explains that she helps run a student advisory council to meet with kids throughout the division to discuss their issues. "We are hearing loud and strong, mental health is huge, and the reason being is just the change in dynamics".

In communicating with this student advisory council, Kinsey has also heard kids voice that they want to become more connected with their teachers. She explains if re-elected, she wants to look at the role of the teacher and wants to see areas where students can connect more with their teachers.

 In closing, Kinsey notes she feels like she isn't done, especially in regards to transportation as she feels it is a key area that needs work. She ends by saying, "I really like what I'm doing, and I would be thrilled and delighted to help the school system further".

To hear the full unedited interview with Ward 2 Trustee Candidate for Parkland School Division Elsie Kinsey, click the player below.



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