Local teen reflects on 4-H Alberta Premier's Award win

Amanda Hardman claims the award in a unique way.

“Never in a million years would I have thought I’d get the award. It’s such a high-level award and it’s only given to one kid in the province – it’s nuts,” said Amanda Hardman.

That's 17-year-old Hardman's response to winning the 2019 4-H Alberta Premier’s Award.

The Stony Plain teen says she believes she may be the first recipient in the over 50 years of the prestigious award to not have a focus on livestock, like you’d traditionally see in 4-H. Hardman says she originally joined the Stony Riders 4-H Club with the aim to be involved with horses, but became more interested in the life skills components of the organization.

“4-H is definitely trying to show that you don’t have to have livestock to be in 4-H. It’s becoming more common for urban areas to have clubs that don’t necessarily focus on livestock,” she said.

Hardman says another trait that separates her from the herd is her involvement in national groups and activities, as well as her success and interest in 4-H’s various science fairs.

This award is the highest of its kind and is given to a youth in rural Alberta who excels in the organization.

The six-year member of the group will meet Premier Kenney and the minister of Agriculture and Forestry as part of her award. Hardman says it’s exciting to get this opportunity at such a young age, however she’s still a bit nervous.

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