Local RCMP Make Large Firearm Seizure

RCMP have retrieved a number of stolen firearms, ammunition and drugs from a storage locker in Parkland County.

A three month investigation has led to the arrest of two people and the seizure of multiple firearms and illegal substances.

On April 21, Stony Plain/ Spruce Grove/ Enoch RCMP Drug Section along with the Crime Reduction Unit and General Duty members conducted two search warrants at a residence in Val Quentin and a storage locker in Parkland County.

In the search the RCMP found and seized a number of items including an AR-15 style rifle fitted with a suppressor and 100 round drum magazine, a loaded handgun with the serial number filed off, a 9mm submachine gun fitted with a suppressor and a number of round of ammunition. Staff Sergeant Mike Lokken explains the severity of the weapons stating, "These are not hunting rifles, In the hands of criminals these weapons serve no legitimate purpose in our society". He went on to explain some of the weapons are prohibited and restricted but some are not restricted.

Additionally, RCMP uncovered a sizable amount of illegal substances including 75.5 grams of methamphetamine, 18 grams of cocaine and 21 litres of GHB stored in a jerrycan. A stolen truck, holiday trailer, quad and $10,000 was also recovered.

At the time of the seizure Sergeant Lokken explains, "These guns were loaded and ready to go, it was not responsible gun owners who had these and it's scary to know that anybody who picks these up could fire within a matter of seconds".

Speaking to the size of the seizure, Lokken noted, "We don't typically come across this type of weaponry, however it is an indication of what our officers are facing on the streets in this day and age".

As a result of the search, 34-year-old Jeffery Russel and 27-year-old Quincey Miles were arrested and charged with multiple offences.

Russel was charges with 50 offences including possession of restricting firearms and several charges pertaining to possession of drugs with the purpose of trafficking. He has since been remanded into custody and will attend court on May 2nd in Stony Plain.

Miles was charged possession of a prohibited device and possession of property obtained by crime over $5,000. She was released from custody with conditions to also attend court on May 2nd in Stony Plain.

Deputy Commissioner Todd Shean spoke to the investigation saying, "This is just the most recent example of how a coordinated and intelligence-led Crime Reduction Strategy can impact our communities. The amount of firearms and drugs we seized on this one operation alone posed a real and serious threat to the safety of Albertans."

The investigation is still ongoing as the RCMP are saying they are trying to identify if they were selling guns and drugs throughout the area.


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