Local RCMP Constables receive Bravery Awards

Constables Kyle Aucoin and Jeff Czarnecki were recognized for pulling a man from a fire in 2016.

On Wednesday, 17 civilians and RCMP officers received Bravery Awards, including two local Constables.

Constables Kyle Aucoin and Jeff Czarnecki received the honour.

Czarnecki says the situation Aucoin and himself faced in June 2016 started as a domestic dispute in Spruce Grove. He says while his partner was speaking to the women involved, he approached the trailer home to keep an eye on the suspect.

“When I got to the house, I realized it was going up in smoke. We both ran up to the door because we realized that it wasn’t just smoking, but the whole house was catching on fire. Once we were finally able to breach the front door, we called in and couldn’t see anyone. So we got down and crawled inside...he wasn’t responsive so we dragged him outside where he came-to,” said Czarnecki.

He says at first attempt to enter the front door, they realized it was barricaded. The pair then tried to enter through the back entrance, but the stairs collapsed under them. The officers were eventually able to break through the front door.

The Bravery Awards recognize outstanding courage in situations that pose a threat of personal injury or death and is beyond what police commonly face.   

Czarnecki says he’s not a huge fan of the spotlight and doesn’t consider his actions to be above and beyond an officer’s duty.

“I would say that 90 percent of police officers would’ve reacted and done the same thing in that same situation. That’s why I don’t believe I did anything special,” he said.

He says either way, being a part of the ceremony was a huge honour.

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