Local Parkland Resident Hopes to Bring a Fresh Voice to Council

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Terrance Baumgartner wants to bring new ideas and a fresh face to Parkland County Council

A fresh face is being added to the list of candidates running in the upcoming municipal election for Parkland County.

Terrance Baumgartner has lived in Parkland County for the past five years with his family and has since become immersed in the issues the County faces. Having spoken to some members of the community as well as observing operations in the County Baumgartner feels he could provide a fresh face in council.

Having narrowly missed participating in the last election Baumgartner noticed no real challenge to Councillors and he hopes to change that with the upcoming election. Above all else Baumgartner wants to present voters with a different option. In regards to the last election, Baumgartner states "when I found out nobody challenged the Councillors I thought well why is that? So I pondered for the next four years what might happen again so that was one of the main reasons I decided to run so that there was a choice for people."

If elected, Baumgartner plans to bring a number of issues to light, but most importantly he wants to provide more transparency between council and the community so citizens know where their money is going. Baumgartner wants to bring value for the peoples money as he explains " what people perceive is they pay taxes and in the wintertime they just see a snowplow come and plow their roads and in the summertime they may see someone come and patch their roads, and I think that's a communication problem the county needs to address."

Baumgartner also has concerns when it comes to the possible construction of a new indoor recreational facility in the tri-region. Working in the department of recreation and athletic facilities at NAIT Baumgartner has some first hand knowledge in the costs of maintaining a recreational facility. He see's the facility as a big venture with his primary concern being sustainability. With the primary focus of the facility to bring more ice time to kids Baumgartner believes it will be hard to reap back any money as it will be tough to balance ice time with the demand for trade shows and concerts.

In regards to the coal phaseout in Alberta, Baumgartner wants to stress to the provincial government the fact that people in the county are going to lose their jobs and how the government plans to handle that. He wants to ensure that any jobs lost are allocated elsewhere or some other solution is provided for the workers. Baumgartner admits that the county is already doing a strong job with diversification of jobs, but he wants to be an advocate for more diversification, "I think there needs to be more help from the province in more diversification" Baumgartner states, "because if those jobs go away what can we replace them with, and that's what I'd be fighting for."

In closing remarks Baumgartner shares his message with One News "If you're happy with the council you have that's fine, if you're looking for a change a new voice and someone who's looking out for the value of your money then look at what I have to offer."

To hear the full interview with Parkland County Council candidate Terrance Baumgartner click play on the file below.




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